Dilemma- I Need Your Vote!

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I can't decide what dining room chairs to buy.
That's right folks...
While children are out there starving in other countries trying to figure out where their next meal will come from, I am having a dilemma that only an spoiled brat would have.  There are just too many options that I want to throw my hard earned money at.
Oh why does life have to have so many hard choices? Why does my dining room have to be so complicated?
Stupid chair choices, why do I love you so hard?

My family came over for Christmas and I have five mismatched chairs at a table, two of which are wobbly pieces of crap.
I am a designer! It is time to have a grown up seating arrangement that matches, so I can have family gatherings and glamorous parties with plenty of places for people to park their butts, laughing fabulously, whilst telling me how stylish my dining room chairs are.

I narrowed it down to three options. You give me your vote.

I should also mention I have a solid mahogany oval table that seats six comfortably but can fit up to eight with the table leaf in place.

Contender #1: The Eames Chair with the dowel leg,

I would buy a repro since I'm too poor to buy the original at $400 each! I like the ones with the arms.

1.Comes in several colors, although I would go with all white.
2. I like the wood on the dowel leg because it looks more expensive
3. Lightweight, durable, easy to clean.
4. Got great reviews on online
5. Pretty spot on as far as repros go

1. The base needs to be adjusted every six months or so from what I have read
2. Not sure if I like the wood in the base if I also have a wood table...too matchy matchy?

Contender #2: The Eames Chair with the wire Eiffel base,

I know, I know, like, the same freaking chair. Sort of.

1. same as above except the wire base isn't as matchy matchy with my table
2. I would be willing to buy a crazy color in this one

1. I don't know if I will like all the shiny chrome once six chairs are put together.

Contender #3: The Panton Chair,

1. It's fabulous!
2. I like the crazy colors

1. The repro looks a little shiny, unlike the original which is more of a matte.
2. Worried it will not wear well.
3. Seems a little bulky

So what do you guys think? I can't decide. I lean more toward the Eiffel base Eames but my mind changes hourly. Oh the perils! 

Voulez Vous Kelly Wearstler? Look What I Did To My Hallway DIY

Pin It Who doesn't worship this woman? She must be so exhausted from everyone complimenting her nonstop. Unfortunately for her, I am one of the millions that would die to breathe her discarded air, which shows how healthy my mental state is.

Kelly looks like this....

Thanks to her stylish and magnificent wonderful designer-ness,  the images saved to my desktop have looked like this....

So, my hallway used to look like this.....

 This brown paint color was all like; " I'm traditional and normal" and the rest of the stuff in my house was all like; "I'm totally contemporary and random," and I was like; "hey break it up guys, no fighting." Obviously I had to do something because this was getting out of control.

So then my hallway looked like this......

I decided to free hand the design in my favorite dark color; Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball.

I try to tell Andy that he shouldn't leave me alone at the house for long periods of time because then things happen like this....

 I free handed the design over the chair rail molding because I do what I want and I'm an adult, just like Miley Cyrus.

I decided to continue the pattern over the ceiling and over the top of the door that opens to the attic.

Then I used 1" painters tape and taped over the top of the free handed design.

My stepkid was like "this is so awesome it's going to look so cool" which totally made my YEAR because normally my relationship with him looks like this....

He's all like "get off me" in this picture and I'm all like; "I LOVE YOU!!"

 I painted over the tape with more Down Pipe to prevent any bleeding.

Next I painted two coats of Decorator's White by Ben Moore over everything.  I used the same white in the rest of the house so it was a no brainer.

Then I started peeling the tape, which by the way is the most therapeutic thing I have done in years. I was in the house by myself and literally screaming with excitement the whole time, I only mildly freaked out my dogs. They might need therapy now. 

 Now my hallway looks like this....

 Chair for scale.

 I have a few touch ups but for the most part it came out good, painting the tape with the Down Pipe before going over it with the white was definitely the trick, I am honestly mad at myself for just learning this secret.

I am going to change out that light next. I will probably do a high gloss color on all the doors in the hall way too since they are all cheap totally unpopular slab doors, with no life.

Hey and I didn't get paint in my hair! I wore a hat this time, like a legit painter.

Special thanks to the DesignSponge tutorial for the help and inspiration.

Life Lessons

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Things I have learned over the last month:

1.       If paint gets in your hair wash it out while it is still wet and don’t let it dry:

Even though you think it will wash out eventually. It doesn't. Like, ever.

2.        Hire people to do drywall work:

 Unless you have been patching walls since the day you were born this is something you are better off sourcing out, otherwise you will be a frustrated mess of sheetrock putty and dust that wants to start drinking... at 9 am.

3.      Dogs really do care about your kitchen design dreams and how difficult it is to decide between the cool Lucite cabinet hardware or the simple and contemporary white hardware:

 Especially if they are your own animals, and yes, I have been known to have conversations with other people’s pets and they definitely don’t care as much, rude. Sometimes talking to your dogs (or cats) can be as therapeutic as a trip to the spa.

4.       Don’t get irate, investigate:

Yeah, I can’t say I have totally learned this one yet. Why does it feel so much better to just yell at your washing machine when it overflows? Yelling is like, the least productive thing I could choose to do, I know. So, instead of being like me when faced with a problem that makes you want to scream, investigate the solution. Google will be your guide, your shepherd, a gateway of understanding; it will be that hunky boyfriend that knows how to fix everything.

While I have been learning these life lessons I have also been wreckin the ranch, and by wreckin I mean fixin. I also finally got the courage, and energy, to face the room of doom. You know the one, it’s the room/ office you cram all the boxes you don’t feel like going through into. That way you can trick yourself into thinking you are fully moved in. Walking around high fiving myself for being such a good “mover inner” was fun up until I needed to use my printer. It was in the box in the back of the room of doom, and of course, the box was not labeled, why would it be? Then I wanted to punch myself in the face for being such a bad “mover inner.” Ultimately the printer fiasco changed life as I knew it. Now I am about 50% through transforming the room of doom into the office of my dreams, (pics to come.) I’m also back to high fiving myself on the regular.

Small weekend project.

Cheapo pots from TJMaxx on triple sale because the finish was wearing off of them and they were ugly. 

I know, I seriously need to throw some grass seed in my backyard, either that or cover it in gravel. 

 More thoughts on the front porch thanks to a suggestion made by one of my architect/ artsy/ designer friends; Bluestone slate on the front porch and steps. After he said it and saw the light bulb go off in my head, he responded with; "I just gave you more projects didn't I?" Yes, yes you did and I totally love the idea. I am going to add it to my 75 page list of projects on the RR.

Bluestone looks like this....

Love right? Obv I will have to also Bluestone the sidewalk, that way I have a place to set up all the Halloween and Christmas decorations I have already started hoarding.

See you next week!