Awesome Deals On Craigslist You Can Buy Today

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Scoping the Craig as I do every week because I can't help myself, and found some things that I thought a few of you may want.

Some bookshelves: the only ones I could find that didn't look like crap. $50-$75

These are in great shape, and would do amazing in a kids room or wall to wall in a dining room or living room. They have several of them due to a bookstore closing. They are sort of thin though and would require being bolted to the wall so they didn't tip over. Solid plywood, call me crazy but I like the look of plywood it's industrial, and not much of it would show once books were in them. I am thinking a quick coat of poly and these would be modern and clean.

Mid Century Shell Chairs: $50 each or $125 for all three.
These are is decent shape for their age, minor chipping on the feet but they look to be pretty white, normally when I see chairs like this the fiberglass shells have yellowed or gotten yucky. Super cute for a kitchen eating area around a bistro table.

Brown velvet chrome chairs: little high in price $300 but you get 6 of them, meaning they are $50 each. The upholstery looks decent and the chrome looks great. These would be so rad with a chunky wood dining table. I think chrome will make a big come back personally. Imagine upholstering (these look easy to reupholster on the DIY front)  in a leopard print or an ikat fabric. Andy would be mad at me if I brought home more chairs (I sort of have an orphan chair hoarding problem), but I secretly want these for myself.

Gold french settee: $425 I know, it's high in price but this thing is worth way more. Fabulously placed at the end of a bed or at a dining room table, lord have mercy I love this thing. Definitely needs new upholstery but, in a stripe or a modern fabric it would look like a million bucks.  It has been on Craig for awhile now so it makes me wonder if it may be wobbly. The only way to know is to go look at it.

Pair of brass cantilever barstools $50 for the pair: brass is so hot right now I see it everywhere in the design blogs. Oh, if only I had a cool bar area where I needed seating and I could have all my dreams come true when I found these. These chairs make me want to build a bar area just so I can buy them and throw fabulous parties where people fight over who is going to recline in my fabulous barstools. This brass looks good, if you have a small bar area, buy these, redo the fabric, and make me jealous.

Vintage traffic light: $165, because why not? You will not find one that is vintage for any cheaper, kids room? Game room?

If anyone wants the links to these gems hit me up in the comments section.


  1. Now I need to find a place to add a bar to my house.

    Good finds! Wish I had seen the chrome and velvet chairs before my husband made us a dining room table last week. We would have designed around the chairs. They are fabulous.

    1. Thanks Holly! I know what you mean about the chairs and I totally agree, they definitely deserve to have a room designed around them.