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So here she is, I've made a lot of progress but there is so much more to go. I decided I owe it to you guys to see where she is now and what she looks like on a normal day. I tried to take pictures without styling even if they were dirty or junky. The most honest pictures.

Mrs. Kitch
I painted her pink to be silly but, notice the island is gone

The old Island was essentially where the rug is in this picture. The rug is covering a giant hole in the linoleum floor that is just plywood right now.

The pink cabinets are original to the house (besides the fact that I painted them) The cream ones were added to make a temporary "L" shape to the kitchen. You can see the old doorway I walled up in this picture behind the cream cabinets. I got those cream cabinets in a scratch and dent warehouse. I put wood butcher block counter on top of them.

I put old bookshelves on the counters to act as temporary storage for all my crap until I can build a pantry.

The Stove is not exactly int he correct spot it needed to be 18" more to the left but, that will get fixed this weekend.

Glamour shot of my sandwich and my wood counter.

I still hate this kitchen, but I hate it a lot less now that the layout is set in stone. 

I moved the french liquor cabinet to a new location since this picture was taken.
The new pantry I plan on building will go there on that wall as a built in.

There were overhead cabinets here at one point that I ripped down in a fit of design rage. That pipe hanging out of the ceiling was the old vent hood because that is where the stove used to be (in the island). That recently got moved to where the stove currently is. 

The ugly swag light that serves no purpose, I guess the people that lived here in the past had there kitchen table there, but I wanted the whole room to be open so I broke up the seating pockets so it was one long room for entertaining. I recently ripped that sucker down too, I was so happy to see it gone. Pics to follow on that lighting changes I made.

One day I will own some matching chairs. In the meantime this is our dining table.

Andy and I had that lips decal laying around for years and because we don't have the money to get what we really want in our kitchen we are making what we have appealing to ourselves until we save up enough to replace it. So if you can't have what you want at least try to like what you got. 

This doorway is what was recently cut into the space. I try to do as much  DIY  as I can but this kind of stuff requires a professional, you don't want to accidentally cut a wire or realize you knocked a hole in a load bearing wall. Get a pro to at least look at it before you knock it down.

 I love the new doorway because it really opens the space up and when I host dinner parties people usually move around and circulate much more fluidly than they did before.


The bar

On my 100 page list of things to do, styling the bar is one of them.

 I took the supports down since this picture on the fireplace, and I lit a fire! 

I got this tulip table as a Christmas present from my mom. I have been wanting one for years and finally found an affordable one on LexMod. They sent me the wrong one initially after a two week lead time, but within a week they sent the correct replacement so I can't complain too much.

I love the table, it is sturdy and perfect for this space.

You can see the original yellow linoleum mixed with the brown vinyl floor here, I hate it so much.

Living room


We have a lot of books
The dogs are not impressed with the photo shoot.
Front door

OBs bathroom
I am leaning towards wallpaper for in here and a new white porcelain tile floor.

OBs bedroom.

Our room

Master bath

One day I will gut you.

There it is, slow process, doing things on the cheap, and in stages. I'm so used to working with clients that want a remodel to take no more than three weeks, so letting my remodel go for the duration of a year is KILLING me, but it makes me appreciate the process and love my home even more.

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