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I bought a rug and it's rad. It's from Nuloom and I can't wait to get it in my living room to show you all!
Here's a picture of what I ordered: I got it in a roughly 8x10 size.

It took me about four months to pick one, poor Andy had to hear me talk about it at least once a week. I don't know how the poor man tolerates my home decor obsessions.

Before you call me crazy you got to see it in the space. Once I get it I will report on the quality. It should get here next week.


I'm I the only one that is not excited about kilim pillows? If you search "decorative pillow on Ebay or Etsy the pages are flooded with them. Has anyone ever felt how scratchy and uncomfortable they are? Don't get me wrong I think they are gorgeous and although I am not a fan of people rubbing their faces all over the decorative pillows on my couch (no offence if that's what you're into), I also don't want the pillows to feel like sandpaper brushing against my arm if I sit next to one.

Yes, you want it to look good but also shouldn't they feel good? You have to think there will be those times where you are lounging on the couch, TV on, looking at how hot Jared Leto was at the Oscars, and just need something comfortable to lean on.

So here's a little pillow guide with what I think should always be considered when purchasing throw pillows for the home:

1. Buy a pillow with a removable cover: As much as I like to pretend I am the cleanest person ever and no one ever spills red wine, it has happened before. Nothing is as nice as being able to wash your decorative  pillow covers and get them looking brand new again.

 I mean we wash our bed sheets so there is no reason not to wash your pillow covers too. Little more expensive to purchase them this way but your pillows will last longer and look nicer in the long run. Get one with a zipper or the envelope style case. This will also make it easier to buy new inserts for your pillows if they start to lose their shape.

The trick to this is to put the case back on the pillow insert while still wet after washing (make sure to wash them in the cold gentle cycle) never dry them in the dryer or they will shrink. It takes them about an hour to air dry this way. It's also a good way to avoid having to iron wrinkles out. Honestly, at this point in my life I try to never use my iron unless I have to. Can I get an Amen ladies?

2. Buy pillows that are made out of comfortable fabric: meaning no sequins, no scratchy vintage rug fabric, no weird metallic vinyl. Most any pattern out there can be found in a linen or a velvet, or even a cotton. Go for a balance of comfort and style. Leather is great on a couch or a chair, vinyls are perfect on chair cushions, kilims are great as floor rugs, even sequins have a place, but not on pillows.

3. Take a chance on crazy patterns: Pillows really are the best, and least expensive method of letting your inner crazy loose when you get that redecorating itch. Leopard,  floral, geometric, pillows don't need to necessarily match everything in your home, let them be a statement piece and change them out or move them around the home to different locations. Mix and match patterns and colors.

4. Think about what your goal is with this pillow: Is it to bring color into the home? Is it to add something comfortable to the space and make it more casual? The last thing you want is for it to be in the way or thrown on the floor, think about the size of the pillow one large pillow can sometimes be better than three smaller ones.

Here are a few of my favorite pillow sources right now.

StuckonHue found on etsy


Love Love Love this pillow!

Love her floral patterns.

NakedDecor Etsy

On a side note I think this pale dusty pink color will be huge this season.

CB2: because I am totally digging these two pillows right now

One last tip for those that have stayed with me up to this point: If you buy one set of down inserts you can change out the pillow covers millions of times, and since you are just storing the covers, pillow storage is much easier. However, keep a lookout at Homegoods for sale pillows (damaged or ugly pillows) that have inserts, remove the inserts and use how you please with your favorite covers.

Disclaimer:  Contrary to what the blog post may suggest, I do not go around to peoples houses judging their pillow collection. Everyone's style is beautiful and so are you.

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