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I have had a bad case of bloggers block and since you all have become my virtual therapists I thought I would share the reason's why I thought this was the case:

1. Every project around my house over the last few weeks has been boring. All I have done is tape various wallpaper samples all over the walls in a fit of indecisive behavior (because I love them all), attempted drywall patching, failed, and then hired someone, and sealed up the crawlspace.

2. All the cool things I find online I just want to hoard for myself in virtual shopping carts all over the web, I am surprised Amazon has not cut me off yet. I never buy any of the items I just gaze at them lovingly, get tired of them, delete them, and then add more items to my fake cart.

Andy asked me today why I don't just post a quickie, a "bloggette" if you will. So I decided to tell you beautiful people about the awesome sale RUGS USA is having! Fall promos to make you want to do wall to wall rugs all over your house, your ceilings, or the inside of your car! They have 55, 60, 70, and 80% off promo codes that show up once the item is in your cart. I have twelve rugs in my cart currently for no reason at all other than to tell you what a slammin deal this is!

People, thank me later by inviting me over so that we may lounge upon your glorious rug and talk about what geniuses we are.

Here are the rugs in my cart: Remember the price it shows online does not have the discount applied until you use the promo code at checkout.

Cowhide anyone that owns this rug has every right to brag about it constantly.

Cool for a girls room and it's hand looped like berber.

Because, Why Does A Rug Gotta Be Boring? put that with your leather sofa!

Rugs USA is a great source, I have had it in my back pocket for years, bookmark it, and use it.

Now I gotta figure out how to trick Andy into leaving his credit card at home. 

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