Thoughts On The Blues and Greens

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Greens and blues are killing it lately. I just want to spray pant every surface in my house with them, except Andy said I am not allowed to spray paint in the house anymore.

 Not a fan of the backsplash or the floors but I dig the vibe they were throwin out there. I probably would have done the marble just on the perimeter counters. On the island I would put a 3" thick butcher block top in walnut as the counter. The style of the island is so open, and airy with the exposed legs, it would be nice to see something visually heavy (like a dark wood top) to designate the space. The warm tones of the wood top on the island would keep the palette from being one note and soften some of the hard lines.

Love! This is two-tone done right! Notice the high profile counter on the island, good call on that one, it immediately makes the island the focal point, as it should be, I mean look at how gorgeous that is! I also like the open shelves that bridge across the windows, I would do that in my home if I wasn't convinced they will fill up with crap. I am not sure how I feel about the hardware on the island, it seems out of place.

Everything about this is amazing, the fireplace mantel, the light, and the paint color in that minty green seems historical like it has always been there. Those stacks of books remind me of the random stacks all over my personal house. I would've liked more of a mix of modern furniture. Instead of the frenchie chairs maybe some Le Corbusier ones in a caramel or army green leather.

FINGERPRINTS, but I would gladly windex this kitchen everyday if I had it. I think not having a toekick on the perimeter cabinets seems like a cleaning nightmare. Imagine cleaning under those with a swifer. The highgloss (what seems like acrylic cabinets) blue is really doing it for me. The color is very pretty, and I like the panels on either side of the wall cabinets that extend down to the countertop like a old school hutch would do. The island makes me think of a 1989 nightclub but, I liked the 80s, I wouldn't mix the blue with the mirrored though. I would do a contrast island in a more traditional look with a dark wood and maybe a little distressing. I love a well done contrast in styles.

This kitchen is lovely, who says small cannot be fabulous. I would've done a different hardware something a little more substantial. Extending the marble up the backsplash was the best thing they could have done, too many things in a small space can make the kitchen seem messy.

Cute, the mirror over the sink is darling. I notice they do not have many cups, or bowls, or plates. Storage is not something they need obviously, I find that 80% of the kitchens I have redesigned, storage was the number one complaint and reason for the redesign. Storage, like lighting is harder to add after the fact.

How do you open the cabinet doors at the bottom of the bookshelves without moving the sofa out of the way? In either case I love the sconces, people should do more hardwired sconces.

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