Kitchen of the Year- House Beautiful

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Stove front view.

Stove area.

 Sink area, no upper cabinets.


 Another view of the stove and fridge by Whirlpool

 Butlers Pantry and Wet Bar

I am honestly surprised a black kitchen won.


  1. Love the sleek black cabinets, the variety of the glass & solid doors add interest. Also, the black is a nice contrast to the bright white flooring. No upper cabinets on the sink side gives your eyes a peaceful break, the window looking out to nature is the FABULOUS icing on the cake. Every hard working cook deserves that view! Backsplash is modern & fun, goes fantastic with the sleek appliances. The countertops are spacious, both the white & brown surfaces give variety of materials, which add even more flare to the whole look. 2 ovens are a must for serious cooks & the sink is as functional as it is beautiful. The ceiling is only slightly visible, but I suspect it is uniquely spectacular, from observing the beautiful details throughout this entire kitchen. And yes, I would LOVE for that kitchen to be in MY house!

  2. I can tell it was expensive :) I do enjoy the backsplash material and always love a playful herringbone. The sparkley walls say feminie, but in the masculine tone feel modern. However as a whole the space doesn't scream "love" or "food" or "vastly creative" to me. Whether or not my taste, it would make a pretty library... oh and I covet the copper kitchenware!

  3. They should have gone with a more Gothic or ornamental trim, the designer played it a little too safe. There is a street term known "murdered out". The Urban dictionary defines it as follows;

    "When a vehicle has both black paint and black aftermarket wheels. The window tint should also be really dark and other aftermarket accessories such as black taillight covers etc. should aid in blacking out the ride."

    If you're gonna black out a kitchen don't hold back. Black hardware, fixtures, flooring, counter tops, etc., would have been truly bold. Oh, and then you could have done all white cookware.