Obsessing is Unhealthy?

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Designing quite a few bathrooms lately, which means I've been scoping out some serious lighting.

 I love a good old fashioned hard wired sconce. To me it makes a room look tailored and well thought out. Sconces aren't just for bathrooms either, I like putting them in halls, around art in a living area or dining room, in bedrooms, in kitchens. Yeah it's a commitment, but it's a commitment to "jewelry" on your walls, and just like some jewelry it can go gaudy, or cheap real fast.

Here is my guide for fabulous sconce picks that you can't go wrong with, (and that I am obsessed with.)

 Want more?

 How about a little more..

Yeah, you like that...want more info on these lights? Contact me and I will get you specs and prices.
Or, comment below with a picture of your room and I will send you my sconce picks for the space.


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