Dilemma- I Need Your Vote!

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I can't decide what dining room chairs to buy.
That's right folks...
While children are out there starving in other countries trying to figure out where their next meal will come from, I am having a dilemma that only an spoiled brat would have.  There are just too many options that I want to throw my hard earned money at.
Oh why does life have to have so many hard choices? Why does my dining room have to be so complicated?
Stupid chair choices, why do I love you so hard?

My family came over for Christmas and I have five mismatched chairs at a table, two of which are wobbly pieces of crap.
I am a designer! It is time to have a grown up seating arrangement that matches, so I can have family gatherings and glamorous parties with plenty of places for people to park their butts, laughing fabulously, whilst telling me how stylish my dining room chairs are.

I narrowed it down to three options. You give me your vote.

I should also mention I have a solid mahogany oval table that seats six comfortably but can fit up to eight with the table leaf in place.

Contender #1: The Eames Chair with the dowel leg,

I would buy a repro since I'm too poor to buy the original at $400 each! I like the ones with the arms.

1.Comes in several colors, although I would go with all white.
2. I like the wood on the dowel leg because it looks more expensive
3. Lightweight, durable, easy to clean.
4. Got great reviews on online
5. Pretty spot on as far as repros go

1. The base needs to be adjusted every six months or so from what I have read
2. Not sure if I like the wood in the base if I also have a wood table...too matchy matchy?

Contender #2: The Eames Chair with the wire Eiffel base,

I know, I know, like, the same freaking chair. Sort of.

1. same as above except the wire base isn't as matchy matchy with my table
2. I would be willing to buy a crazy color in this one

1. I don't know if I will like all the shiny chrome once six chairs are put together.

Contender #3: The Panton Chair,

1. It's fabulous!
2. I like the crazy colors

1. The repro looks a little shiny, unlike the original which is more of a matte.
2. Worried it will not wear well.
3. Seems a little bulky

So what do you guys think? I can't decide. I lean more toward the Eiffel base Eames but my mind changes hourly. Oh the perils!