Obsessing is Unhealthy?

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Designing quite a few bathrooms lately, which means I've been scoping out some serious lighting.

 I love a good old fashioned hard wired sconce. To me it makes a room look tailored and well thought out. Sconces aren't just for bathrooms either, I like putting them in halls, around art in a living area or dining room, in bedrooms, in kitchens. Yeah it's a commitment, but it's a commitment to "jewelry" on your walls, and just like some jewelry it can go gaudy, or cheap real fast.

Here is my guide for fabulous sconce picks that you can't go wrong with, (and that I am obsessed with.)

 Want more?

 How about a little more..

Yeah, you like that...want more info on these lights? Contact me and I will get you specs and prices.
Or, comment below with a picture of your room and I will send you my sconce picks for the space.

Before and After- Modern Kitchen

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The before. Client was concerned that it was too dark in her kitchen. The dark wood and the contrasting white appliances made her kitchen feel dated.

 The after..She wanted a bright modern space. I presented a high gloss white cabinet with pops of steel and green.

Sea green glass backsplash for color, with a marble countertop that we selected together at a local slab yard. The client and I agreed that something other than a granite countertop would give this kitchen a custom look.

 The kitchen layout stayed similar to the original due to budget.

 Custom built wine rack, we built this onsite.

 Close up of the green marble countertop.

 Even the cats loved it. This kitchen was 20g including all new appliances.

Made It To Buzzfeed!

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19 Bars In America You Should Drink At Before You Die

I honestly feel like I could run a marathon right now, I am so pumped. The bar I spent over a year working on made the list coming in at number 10.
You can read about it here.

“The decor and the patterns on the walls at Clockwork are absolutely stunning, and the huge gold statues and retro furniture are icing on the cake. Plus, they make phenomenal cocktails with ’70s-inspired names like The Pussy Galore and Who Loves You Baby.”

The process of creating this space was a kick ass experience. Driving all over the state of North Carolina scooping up vintage chandeliers and furniture, cramming them all in the back of my truck and living with those gold ladies in my house for months before my family finally asked if we could put clothes on them. The inside of my house looked like a wallpaper catalog with samples tacked to walls and paint chips all over the table. The owner, who worked with me on this project, had  his garage turned into a storage space for all the tables and chairs I would drop off at his house. 

Below is the photo journey of how the space was made; the quality of these pics are not the best since most were taken on my phone, so deal with it!

 The space under construction, the dude that brought me in on this project (Souheil Al Awar the bar's owner) had a degree in architecture. Twisting and turning the whole space inside out to the layout that ultimately got built.

Samples laid out. We brought in over thirty wallpaper samples before narrowing it down to four.

This is how we designed the high top table arrangement. Super profesh.

 The bar was designed with a walnut top and stainless square rods that ran through the seams of each of the walnut sections. A small glass partition was added to the end for the DJ. We had a guy build this who lives here locally. He was constantly dealing with the "fraction of an inch" changes that Souheil and I threw at him.

 The finding of the ladies.

Yes, there they are in all their glory standing right behind my couch.

 Truck was filled to the brim with vintage finds we would pick up from craigslist, thrift stores, and vintage dealers all over NC. We wanted a unique and glamorous space with vintage pieces thrown in. We did this with the idea that a lot of furniture would get worn in and be the casual element that makes a bar comfortable.

Taping lines on the wall for that would become the home for the golden ladies. We wanted to be sure the stripes we painted were just the right thickness. Since the stripes were being mixed with so many other patterns along the same wall, this was important to discuss since we didn't want it to be "too much."

This was also about the time that Souheil and I decided nothing could be "too much" and we should really let our minds go with the design and let it be more of an artistic journey.

 Found these vintage lights at a Re-use Store and hung them above the DJ booth.

Wall paper and paint, this was a big day. The ceiling color and the women's bathroom paint were custom based on paint samples we mixed together ourselves.

The trippy hallway was inspired by and Audrey Hepburn photograph.

 A deep raisin color was used for the walls with the chartreuse stripes and the wainscot.

 Hung the mirrors, lots of colorful words were used during this process.

Lights up

The sign, found at a vintage store in Raleigh.

 The sign was in bad shape and needed new light bulbs, we enlisted the help of our friends over at Thompson-Lynch.

 Turning it on for the first time.

 Ready for Furniture.

 Selecting fabrics for all the vintage chairs that needed to be recovered and painted.

This guy was the cat's meow, he took a headboard Souheil and I found, and converted it into a banquette. Rainbow Upholstery.

 Ladies put in their place.

 Arranging furniture and arguing over placement.

 The collection of candlestick holders later placed on the red table and left to get drippy and waxy from mountains of burning taper candles.