Neon is back? or...Neon is wack?

Pin It Couple of current projects have been keeping me busier than a one legged cowboy in a kicking contest.

For starters I have finally become an Llc, the good old secretary of state and all the people that work there have become my recent BFFs.

My client's master and kids bath project has entered the selection phase. My original sharpie drawing concepts are evolving beautifully into paint samples and tile samples. Which is always exciting because seriously, I could shop for anything. I probably could shop indefinitely.

I also have a condominium project in downtown Raleigh that recently had the furniture delivered from Highpoint market.

Which reminds me, I need to learn how to be a better photographer. 

Then there is the bar in downtown Raleigh that if we push will open in about three weeks. We recently covered all the windows to keep it a surprise. I love the drama of an unveiling. The opening of Clockwork will be a welcomed bittersweet moment for me. I am ready for the next bar project and hopefully it will be in Brazil or Miami, girl can dream right?

Ok enough about work, lets talk about the recent neon trend that I am seeing everywhere. I mean, I just don't think I could fall more in love with fashion. I am impressed by it on a daily basis. You cannot tell me that neon pink doesn't awaken something inside of you.

 Maybe it was my obsession with Barbie when I was a little girl (and now) that makes me love it so much. Barbie did invent that color I am pretty sure. The funny thing about Barbie is that I wouldn't really play with them as much as I set up their houses. My sister and I would set up entire Barbie neighborhoods on the floor of our bonus room growing up. You couldn't walk in there without stepping on something. My poor dad learned early on not to try.

I am pretty sure Barbie's modern day real life house would look something like this. I am also sure she would hire me to help her design it. We would get coffee together and talk about Ken and how he has commitment issues.


Jason Wu spring 2012

Maya Hayuk

Ok, it's not just because it's Chanel. It's because the contrast of this photo is appealing to me. Neon on an old brick wall. Ok it's because it's Chanel.

Kelly Wearstler 

Art installation

Street Style Vogue

Love this lip color

Cant forget the old Las Vegas signs.

For Rosario

Street Style

Street Style

Street Style

Street Style

Paris Street Style 

I need these shoes and these pants

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