Bitchin Kitchens

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Talk about drool...

This is an extra large post today.

There are just so many cool kitchens out there.

I like the island in this one. I have worked with clients before where we incorporated a piece of furniture as the island. I think it makes a kitchen more lived in and approachable, not so cookie cutter.

Mod and slightly masculine I think.

I just think all those blue plates are so cool. 

These black marble sinks are to die for.

I know the company that makes this light and it is so cool in person. I have been waiting to use it in a client's home now for awhile.  It almost went into the bar I just finished working on.

No over head cabinetry.

 Impressive collection. This look of; large collection concepts, was huge last year at the furniture market. I am expecting to see it more when I return to market next month.

Again, no overhead cabinets and a piece of furniture as the island.

I really like the idea of displaying the rolling pins.

Brass range hoods...omg. Clever way to store spices if you cook enough to justify buying enough spice to fill those large jars. 
Even if you don't cook, it's still cool.
Actually, those might be beans, I can't tell.

This picture made me want to start collecting copper pots...

 No over head cabinets....sensing a theme here.

Mod glam

Brick, how amazing is that?

Love this. I seriously would never leave my kitchen if it had a fireplace in it.


This House

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The Nautilus House.

Built in 2006 in the Mexican city of Naucalpan de Juarez.

 The architect is Javier Senosiain he was born in Mexico but designed this house to mimic the nautilus shells found in eastern India. 

The house uses mostly natural light, and the furniture is meant to look as though it grows out of the floor.

Javier Senosian was celebrated as the pioneer of organic architecture

 This place is crazy.

I keep asking myself if I could live here or not.

What do you think? Could you live in a shell house?

Fabulous Fireplaces

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This is probably my most favorite thing to redecorate in my whole house. I know I sound crazy but I probably change it at least three times a year, no lie.

Cool feature with the wood but I keep thinking about spiders.

The layered look is my fav, with the art and the mirrors, so many options.

I am not sure how I feel about this one but those pieces of quartz are fabulous.

This mantle is being so french.



This room gives me tunnel vision but I love the teal color and that marble fireplace is gorgeous.

I can't quite figure out what this mantle is made of.

I love a good photo wall, and you can get your instagram pictures printed out in this smaller Polaroid looking size.

Modern and minimal.

The lime wash look.

This one is my fav. Cole & Son paper.

In The Mood To Throw A Dinner Party

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I have got the urge to throw a dinner party.

To celebrate the beginning of spring.

Kelly Wearstler, black flatware... genius.

If you haven't started collecting china I suggest you start.

I've been collecting a few plates at a time since I was eighteen. 

Find a pattern you like or a brand and start building your collection. Start with china that is versatile in color something simple to get a set going. Then later on you can mix and match with patterned plates depending on the season. 

Make sure you always get eight place settings, you may not need that many now but you will want them one day.

I just think this photo is fun.

Don't forget serving dishes.


Photo table runner for the hipster in all of us.

Mixed china patterns and a casual charger with white linen napkins. To see a setting like this you have to assume the meal is going to be amazing.

I am really enjoying the idea of everyone having a different setting like this picture.