My Neighbors Probably Think I'm Crazy

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I am forever risking my life to climb a tree in the neighborhood just so I can decorate my home with flowering branches in the spring.

That purple canvas in the stairwell is sweet!

 So beautiful and they cost nothing...I keep some clippers in my purse during this time of year, but I always ask before I snip.

I'm Baaack!

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I haven't had a car these last few weeks because the damn thing broke (I seriously hate cars sometimes.) So I have been chillin at home a lot. This has been a good thing in my mind because I have set to work sewing, painting, organizing (or pretending to), and rearranging furniture. I am not so sure it has been a such good thing in my husband's mind considering the house is different every time he comes home, but I digress...

The power of modern art.
Sometimes I think the art dictates the feel of a room and everything else just plays second fiddle.

All the furniture can be traditional but that one modern piece of art can change everything.

  It doesn't need to always be a modern piece of art.

Doesn't need to be large to have an impact.

 Or, complicated...

 I adore how cheeky this one is. The possibilities are endless, the canvas could be any color, and you can buy those word stencils at any hardware store.

Modern art + traditional bedroom = Amazingness!

 It doesn't have to be a painting either. You can get photos printed out in a large scale.

 Now if this were a large colorful abstract piece this entryway would look totally different.

So here is what I did in my room.

No art.

I think it totally changed the look. 

What do you guys think.