Eye Candy Friday for All My Peeps Out There

Pin It I just got back from the furniture market in Highpoint and I had such an amazing time. I saw the most electrifying color palettes and the coolest pieces of furniture. If you've never fallen in love with an inanimate object, you will at market. Swollen feet from walking over ten hours for four days in heels (yes because I can't help myself) and a full camera later, I have lots of photos to share with you. However, I am not done going through them all so I will save the crème de la crème for next week.

I do have some eye candy to keep you feeling good on this wonderful day. Hallelujah it's Friday and it's almost 5pm!

Vogue Tabitha Simmons

Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise 
holy hunk!


Bridget Bardot

I love me some champagne

Fiddle Sticks and Funny Girls


James Dean

Christian Bale

Chanel my love

Oh George


Sex and the City closet

Paul Newman

Estee Lauder House and Garden

How To Re-grout a Tile Shower

Pin It On the side I own a flooring installation company. This last Friday I had gotten a call to take out the old stained existing grout  in a tile shower and put back new bright white grout in it's place. Instead of getting one of the guys that work for me to do it, I decided to roll up my sleeves and tackle it myself. Besides, I had plans for the extra pocket money.

I know a lot of you are DIY savvy but feel free to email me with any questions. Here's how I did it.

 Since safety is number one, be sure and wear a face mask and eye protection. When you are scraping out the old grout there will be a lot of dust and debris.
 Most grout can be removed using a sharp utility knife provided it is a smaller grout line. Larger grout lines, 1/4" or thicker, may require additional tools. You want to scrape the old grout out of the joints until you have most of the old stuff out. Grout only needs an 1/8" depth in between the tiles to adhere so keep that is mind when scraping.
 Once you've gotten the grout out and swept and vacuumed the area its time to put in the new grout. I like to keep a bucket of water and a sponge nearby so I can keep my hands and tools clean. I used an unsanded bright white grout. The rule is 1/8" wide grout joint or smaller you used unsanded, anything over that you would use sanded grout. You like my pink sparkle bucket? 
 In this picture I am using a margin trowel to mix the grout. The best grout to buy is the kind you mix yourself with water. It comes in a powder form and you want to mix it so that it is the consistency of really thick pancake batter. You should be able to scoop a small mound on to the end of your trowel and the mound should stay on the trowel for a few seconds before falling back into the bucket. 
Note: This type of consistency only works with unsanded grout, sanded grout is heavier and thicker so the mixture is slightly different.
 This is my beat up grout float, I'll use this to  put the new grout in. The edges of a grout float are hard rubber so it creates a squeegee effect.
 Scoop a small amount (because a little will go a long way) on the edge of your grout float and press the grout firmly into the joints.

Sweet short video of the squeegee action. Use the grout float to get any excess grout off the face of the tile once you've gotten all you need into the joints. Also work in small sections so you do not get too far ahead of yourself.

Next you will use the sponge and water to clean any grout residue of the face of the tile.
Get your sponge wet and wring out excess water, then go in a circular motion to break up the grout on the surface of the tile. Then use the other side of your sponge to clean the tile off. You may need to change the water in your bucket a few times.
TIP: Do not pour the old grout water down the drain, pour it outside. Sometimes leftover grout can harden in your plumbing pipes and cause drainage issues down the road.

I use a white cloth towel to wipe the tile down lightly so I can ensure I have gotten all the grout haze off. If for whatever reason you notice a dusty haze on the tile once everything is dry, don't stress out, just use a dry white cloth and buff it off.
 Be sure to give your grout 24 hours to dry before using the shower.
 New grout made this 30 year old shower look brand new.

A Tribute to Pink... Such a Darling

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Today it's gloomy and cloudy in the good old NC. I don't know about you guys but cloudy days make me crave color. 

I love this shade of pink on the walls, it's almost coral.
Veronica Beard in Elle Decor

 Pink Vespa

Hutton Wilkinson Harpers Bazaar

Jackie O 


Helen Frankenthaler Mauve District 1966


Kelly Wearstler stairs

Mac Cosmetics Mac Loves Barbie, Barbie Loves Mac

Chanel Advertisement 


Jonathan Berger

Kate Moss for Vogue

Kate French

I am seriously in love with mirrored furniture.

 One day this will be my home.

 I cannot tell you how many times I asked for one of these as a kid.