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I've been repainting the cabinets in my kitchen over the last week which has turned into an organize and banish clutter blitz around here. I ordered some new hardware to go on my tired cabinets turned fresh, and I'm still waiting for the new pulls to come in the mail. This is the look I'm going for.

I have the raised panel like these on my cabinets and I love this color; Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball. They really know how to do colors well but their prices are just a little high for me. So, I hoped over to Ace Hardware and the helpful staff over there brainstormed with me to combine three Benjamin Moore colors for an exact match. The data is saved in their computer if you would like to purchase the same color. As for the hardware, you guys know I love brass so I found these at a great price. My plan is to drill them in the middle of the raised panel just like the pic above. They are a beautiful unfinished brass not that cheap 80s brass I've been working to get rid of in my house over the last five years.

A couple of additional project ideas I've been swirling around in my head now that I'm on a roll:

Funny how you start painting one thing and then you notice everything needs to be repainted. There is just something about fresh paint that makes walls look so much cleaner.  I was thinking of doing an accent wall, possibly the wall with the entertainment center in a bold color...Purple?

 Oh how I love purple.

Or how about blue...


This teal color is to die for! I love the combination of red with the teal.

This is actually the Down Pipe color again. Love that pink coffee table.

More Purple...

Andy and myself have decided to try and buy each other a new TV for Christmas. TVs have changed a lot over the last five years so as you can imagine ours looks like something out of the stone-age compared to what everyone we know owns. This means that the entertainment center we have will no longer fit. I still love the idea of bookshelves since we have so many books.

I've always been a fan of the cubes shelves and they have some awesome ones at Ikea that I could paint any color I wanted.
I love the added lighting at the top of these, easy to do and it gives it the look of built ins.

Ikea also has a red version that could look similar to this.

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