Big Daddy Deco is Coming Home.

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Recently I was out with a couple of close friends for dinner, and the conversation shifted to furniture. I told them about how when I was in college there were a few of pieces of furniture that single handedly made me want to be a designer.  The simple design of the Eames recliner, the clever curves of the Panton chair and one haunting masterpiece, Ghost chair changed my life. Eventually, the conversation turned into a rally for Art Deco and its long awaited return to the spotlight.

Bringing Back the D
I predict that soon people will be buying vintage art deco furniture in place of the currently popular Mid Century Modern.  I’m not saying people will abandon the Eames; all I’m saying is that the days of deco being underestimated, will soon be over. The style itself is funky with curves, lines, and geometric shapes.  Its good quality made of solid wood and the detail and decorative elements make it an excellent investment. Whereas most style movements were created with religious or political references Art Deco was created to be purely decorative.

My Grandma told me this last Christmas that when her and my “Pop” were newly married the thing to do was to go to the furniture store and buy an entire house worth of furniture that matched. All the wood furniture in your home was the same color. The curtains and the upholstery were the same. Eclectic was considered tacky. She told me about her matching set that was a lovely shade of blonde wood, everything she said, was the same. What I wouldn’t do for that furniture now! She then told me that having lived through a variety of styles she felt that now was the best time to design a home. “Now-a-days you can decorate your home with anything!” She is right, in time when it is acceptable to approach your home as a well-coordinated tossed salad why would we make pea soup? Embracing various styles in your home, whether they are new or old, is the modern approach to interior design.

Will Art Deco match the rest of the stuff in my house?
Absolutely! This style was based on eclecticism, a collection of the best in cultural influence. Much of the style combines African, Aztec, Egyptian, and French design. With the perfect blend of masculine and feminine elements, Art Deco can be a nice balance to anchor a room as a focal point, or as an enhancement to the current look of your home.

Who’s down with the Deco?
This style is for anyone that appreciates good quality furniture and that enjoys having some flare in their home. I would also recommend it for the smart person that reads my blog.

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