It’s About Time! Love, Inspiration

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 I decided to start expanding what I like to do on my down time with activities more enriching to my life. In the last two weeks I attended a fashion show , saw a play at the Art Center , and went to a regional cheerleading competition.   
    Sometimes in the hub bub of everyday life I forget to make time to be inspired.  We have all felt the feeling, the “aha moment” you want to tell all your friends about because you can’t believe you came up with it. You could argue that inspiration can hit you at any moment and I agree, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I am talking about setting aside specific seconds to dwell on something beautiful, watch a crowd of people move through a public area, brush your teeth with the opposite hand,  or to listen to something other than top forty on the radio (this one is especially difficult for me.) Make it a priority to be inspired by breaking out of routine.
    When I was at the play at the Art Center I was of course listening to the performers as best as my attention span would allow, but I was also surveying the audience. Picking out individual laughs in the crowd when the performers said something funny, and noticing small details about the man’s suit on stage. My phone was on silent and put away in my jacket pocket. I was unplugged.  At first this made me feel a little stir crazy and unnatural, but as the lights got dim I felt myself slip away from the thoughts of the day and I began to concentrate.  I was letting myself be absorbed into the environment as an observer.
    I walked out of that play more inspired than I had been in weeks. The idea flood gates burst wide open. Not having a purse big enough to fit a pen so I could write some things down, was my biggest problem that night.
    As a former cheerleader I felt her pain. I was sitting in the front row watching two little girls perform a dance routine they had been practicing for months. During their routine, they climbed up and on a barstool and jumped off. One of the girls didn’t quite jump correctly and did a face plant. Everyone held their breath.  I saw this little girl wipe the tears of embarrassment away and start her performance over again. She didn’t give up. She was there to win. Her willpower that day reminded those of us that saw her, we too have the courage to hold fast. We were inspired.
    The fashion show was not so easy. Nothing obvious happened to make me want to search for a pen. Sure, the clothes and the models were great and I was with some fabulous company, but I was restless. There wasn’t enough champagne in the world to keep me from checking my phone every two minutes. I had anticipated inspiration, yet my expectations sabotaged my opportunity to gain. Sometimes, inspiration isn’t the pursuing lover you want it to be; sometimes it is the coy one. 

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