Weekend Projects

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I worked all weekend on making my downstairs more organized and bright. At my house we have a book hoarding problem so when I was searching through my creative projects folder, I was drawn to built in bookshelves. I loved the way that some of them spanned entire walls. Usually a custom bookshelf will cost some serious money, and I just wasn't willing to spend that much. Especially in a house my family doesn't plan on staying in for long. 

Love the dark background in the bookshelves

This is what I decided to do. I have never been that fond of my entertainment center. I mean it works for what I need it to do but I can't say it is well made. We purchased the entertainment center about three years ago as a "temporary" solution for about $30 on craigslist. I also had two old bookshelves upstairs that I have kept in closets that I brought down to go on either side.

To make the bookshelves clean and bright, and to appear to be one unit. I decided to paint all three units with glossy white paint, similar to what you would paint the trim in your home. I chose a glossy because I love the way it reflects the light. That's my friend in the picture helping me. (Thanks Emma!)

Voila! I love the way it turned out. Finally, a place for all of our books. I think it definitely took on the look of a custom built-in. I decided to paint the backs of the shelves in the entertainment unit a dark color. You could also line the backs with a wallpaper for a whimsy look. I still need to finish behind the TV  and speakers but I wanted you to see the way it turned out. I spent $25 on supplies. You can get a similar look with any bookshelves you have as long as they are similar height. I am quite fond of the billy bookcases at Ikea. They look great lined up next to each other and they are already white.

Here is the before again

Eventually I will re-upholster this blue chair. I am thinking something in black and white.

Here's another little project I worked on. I got this small table in the clearance section of Homegoods for $7. Since the shape was good and it seemed sturdy I decided to buy it. 

Pink doesn't really go with anything downstairs so I spray painted it black in a matte finish so it would take on the look of wrought iron. Then to add a little sparkle I mixed copper and gold acrylic paints together to get a brassy look and painted little details. 

Happy Valentines!


  1. LOVE THIS!! I have things that when I think about my dream house come to mind. One is the coolest tree house in the world out back for Sienna, the other is walls of bookshelves, I have so many freaken books, and I am obssessed with bookshelves. This is a great affordable idea that you have here, thank you so much!! As I scrolled through these pics Ididn't even realize that was your living room, until I read through the blog. It completely changed the look! i love your ideas and things!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -crystal