Lampshade Lust Part Deux

Pin It In the end I went with a black paper to line the inside of my new lampshades instead of a patterned wallpaper. I found this contact paper at a local hardware store. It has a slight irregularity to the black almost like paler black spots or marbling on it that I really like. Its a peel and stick and doesn't need any additional glue to adhere to the lampshade interior. It cost me about $6 for this roll, I only needed one for two lamp shades.

Next I picked a starting point on the lampshade, I chose the seam so I could remember it easily.  This will also be where you start when you are peeling and sticking later. Use a small piece of tape to hold it in place. I laid out my contact paper from the back, so I could clearly see the pencil marks I was about to make.
Now roll the lampshade almost like you are rolling a giant burrito and mark where the lampshade rolls with a pencil on the contact paper. My drum shade was a slightly different diameter on top than it was on the bottom so rolling it like this was essential to getting accurate pencil marks.


 Now from your starting point start peeling and sticking the opposite direction from the way you rolled your shade to get the pencil marks. I rolled my shade to the right, so I will peel and stick towards the left. The reason is because we marked it face down. Use a credit card to smooth out all the bubbles as you go.

I had to do some slight trimming with an Exacto knife.

 I had a small triangle I couldn't get because my contact paper roll wasnt wide enough....but no biggie its near the seam. Since most people face the seam towards the back of the lamp you will never notice it.

I cut a small triangle to fill the spot.

The shades look more purple with the contact paper in them. 

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