Pin It Who doesn't love black and white? It's so dramatic, which is exactly why I like it.

 Ohhhh chevron how I love thee.

 I want this dress maybe just to do something like grocery shop.

 Wearing Chanel SJP

 Black floor I think I would like it better in a matte finish.

These are probably lead but I painted all my window frames a dark color to get the same look and people always comment on how they love the windows in the house. I think it is kind of like highlighting the view with a dark sharpie or something.

 Vogue street style

 I love everything in this picture, what a cool concept for a restaurant.

 I could never keep this clean but you got to admire the guts of whoever owns this room.


 It's my goal to include Chanel in almost every blog post.
 Vogue street style

 That chandelier is fabulous!

 Vogue street style

 Black tulips at the home of Oscar de la Renta

 Yeah right

 Entrance to Kelly Wearstler's store

 I want this shower

 Kelly Wearstler

Black walls are so beautiful to me

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