Design Your Own Fabric

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I am working with some clients right now designing a nightclub and one of the key ingredients to a bumpin scene is that unique flavor. That little something that you cant just buy at any old corner store. Right now I have been working with them to find some unique window treatments and one of the thoughts that came to mind was; make my own. Spoonflower is based in our own beloved Durham, NC. The process of making your own fabric is surprisingly easy through their online system, and pretty affordable. They don't just do fabrics though, they also have amazing wallpapers and..ah! just check them out for me please.

Here are a couple of my fav fabrics via web... I seriously loved them all!

 Yea So Vain


Arctic Foxes

Black Coffee


 Black Ink Stripes

 Fireworks and Sunflower
 Freeform Arrows

Cestlavive Chevron

Nicolette Day

Plus One Magenta

Chicka Pecker

Chocolate Sea Art

Blueberry Hexagon

Fish Scales


Routline Chevron Multi

Arrows Scattered


Walrus Abacus

Urn In China


Zoo Animal


  1. Thank you for posting my design~ (I am at the top - the Peacock pattern.) I do commissions if you need help putting perfect details in your clients' new space!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. You can design your own fabric. Learn all about it