The Rosario Ranch - Our new Home

Pin It Ok, I am so in love with this house!Three bedroom and two bath. We moved in about a week ago and it has been a wonderful experience so far, besides the unpacking bit. Built back in the good old Mid Century days, it has it's little quirks. Just the other day Andy suggested we clean under the washer and dryer....this turned into me ripping up six layers, yes six, of linoleum. The list of future projects grows everyday.

 These pictures were taken by the Real Estate company and they used a fish eye lens which I think is kind of funny, but I wanted you to see pics of the house empty first.
 I would like to eventually paint the house maybe a warm grey with dark grey trim on the window moldings, and give it a bright yellow highgloss door or even a nice sea foam green door. The landscaping out front is going to get a major overhaul, I am thinking tropical plants and large flowering bushes. That cedar tree right next to the house will be removed, and normally I am so against tree removal, but that one is too close for comfort.
The windows are the best feature of this house, those triangular ones are my fav. The lawn definitely needs work, I am leaning towards landscaping the whole front yard with plants rather than grass mostly because the  front lawn is not very large and I hate mowing.
 I have been resisting the urge to take a sledgehammer to this kitchen. My brain has been rolling around different layouts for the space. I am leaning towards more of an "L" shaped work space, but I love the all white look. That floor has got to go. I am thinking white for that too. I have been doing a lot of research on commercial vinyl composite tile (VCT) in large formats like 24x24" because they are made from recycled material and they are totally green and Leed Certified. They are installed like tile but they are thinner, more durable, and no grout, can I get an amen!
 This is the Master bedroom, has two closets and a bathroom large enough for a double vanity. The bathroom is pretty updated with white tile and and new ceramic tile floor.
 This is one of the rooms with the triangle windows, there is one almost identical to it on the other side of the wall with the closet. Right now this room is filled with boxes, you can't even walk in there, but every time I shut the door I feel like the work is almost over, it is wonderful how I can trick myself into thinking that.
 Living room; There is actually one more window just a few feet down from these three. This was the major selling point for us. I am currently painting this room a bright white. We have so much artwork that it made the most sense.
Eating area in the same room as the kitchen; The bookshelf will go, not a fan of that gingerbread molding. I will most likely wallpaper there. The wall to the right will get a large five foot wide opening cut that goes into the living room for a more open feel. The room is large enough that I was able to extend my dining room table to over six feet long, bring it on Thanksgiving, I got seating for yo momma ya gran-momma and ya daddy!

The dogs are so happy too, they have a fenced in backyard so they have literally marked every stick and bush, and each time it rains they get to do it all over again, doggie paradise. They are much more calm and Pdiddy (the Pomeranian) hasn't done anything dumb or annoying in the last week, knock on wood.


  1. Sooo happy for you guys can't wait to see it <3 Crystal

  2. I LOVE it!!!! Congrats to you and Andy....I'm so happy for you both, and I can't wait to see the after photos. Love you miss you lots and lots!


  3. DOPE AF HOMEGIRL!!!! I was checking out you site tryna get some ideas......I like yall style...llh Andy whaddup