Bookshelf? What Bookshelf?

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 The R.R. Chronicles:

Chapter One.

The time I almost gave myself a concussion;

Because I decided after my seventh cup of coffee, to demo the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf in the kitchen, by myself.

 Yes, that is wood paneling, the whole kitchen has it.

 In this glamorous shot you will see all the important documents that fell behind the bookshelf throughout the decades.

 Luckily, I got to see the original carpeting that previously covered the forty four year old floor underneath the exceptionally heavy and obnoxiously beautiful bookshelf.

 Then I got to remove the absolutely gorgeous carpet from the floor, yay!

Words cannot express how sad I was to see it go.

Chapter 2.

The time I painted the whole kitchen white; 

Except for the amazing cabinets, which I love so much that I refuse to put anything in them because they smell like the best fragrance in the world; old people.

(See folks, positivity is a state of mind.)

Chapter 3.

The time when I was shopping for wallpaper to go on the dining room wall where the bookshelf once stood, RIP.

 This is the number one pick so far.

 Side note: I'm totally diggi'n that Beverly Hills look, and if I could legally marry a "look" I would totally propose to this "look," and marry it, and we would live happily ever after in our tricked out 90210 house.

Chapter 3.

 The time I hung up some curtains in the dining room with my age old trick; copper pipe.

 I use the pipes in place of the telescoping curtain rods.

1. It is a zillion times exaggeration.

2. Easy to find and get cut to your dimensions.

3. Holds up well, you can spray paint it any color you want. I still have to paint mine.

4. It looks cleaner and more custom than the telescoping rods.

5. People at the hardware store think you are a total DIY badass, which is the only reason I do anything.

6. One day when copper becomes extinct and junkyards are paying you $100 a foot for copper pipe you can trade in your amazing curtain rods and buy me a steak and lobster dinner at Kanki.

You can also get caps to go on the ends to finish it off. Most standard curtain rods are about 1/2" so buy that size and save money because for a 10' long piece you are only paying about $15.

The End.

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