My Random Shopping Adventure at a Random Store.

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I went to Garden Ridge this last week and...OMG. Who would have thought that a seemingly garden oriented store could carry only 10% of garden things and 90% of random miscellany? Went in for a weed whacker and left with a source for everything but weed whackers.

Since I was already having a productive day I decided to take some pics of my favorite things they sell at, what will be known as; The Most Random Store in Raleigh.

They are a chain store with locations all over the U. S. of A. but we just got one here in NC so to all those that have been to one already, pardon me while I gush.

Look at this! wouldn't you just die for an orange Christmas tree? I would.
 Look at the price!!

 Or a black prelit one! I just keep thinking of a Donald Trump themed Christmas, where the whole tree is covered in black and brass Christmas ornaments and a dollar sign garland. I covet, seriously this tree could look pretty uptown if you did it right.

Like the thirty other women that were in this store when I was (and a couple of unfortunate men,) We just kept dashing in and out of aisles saying " omg cute...omg CUTE...OMG CUTE!!" until we were all shouting "Cute" all over the store simultaneously. 

I am pretty sure this store is going to be what jump starts the zombie apocalypse once more women catch on to the deals.

How adorbs is this little dresser!?

I can't say the quality is exceptional, the drawers are not on slides and the wood is very light weight so I wouldn't furnish your whole house with the stuff. Having said that, I will probably go back and get a side table or two for my own house.

 I mirrored cabinet, yes, I drooled all over it and had to clean it off because people were literally waiting in line behind me to drool all over it when I was done. That is how awesome this little cabinet was.

  I told Andy he needed to get seven more jobs so that I could build seven more rooms on to our house and pack it to the brim with furniture.
Having said that....
I think I would prefer the above dresser in black.

  I hate the color and the wood on this dresser but painted it would be so cute.

  Yes, folks that price tag says $80 for a nightstand. I mean you can get a way less cool one for the same price anywhere but look at this one!!

An outhouse.

And a telephone booth, for important calls naturally.

This mirror was $60 I might go back and get it for myself. Good news is, you will not have to fight me for it because there is more than one...yay!

 Another glam mirror.

This mirror was fairly large and only $99.

  Full length mirror....

Close up of the price in case you wouldn't believe me when I told you it was $80. You should know that this one in particular was not made of wood it was some kind of composite, you could barely tell though.

A mirror that I wanted to become bffs with and talk to and love for ever and ever.

I really loved this cabinet so I took way to many pics of it. I thought this would be so cute in a powder room with towels on the shelves. The depth was perfect for tight spaces and I loved the steam-punk quality it had.

I also obsessed over this side table. I was like "THIS IS SO WEST ELM!" way too loudly and then realized Andy was no where near me which made me seem crazier than I really am.

Little pricey at $100 compared to the other things I was looking at, but the design and construction of it was nicely done.

I love grape vine wreaths, they are so versatile. You can spray paint them white for a mod Christmas wreath idea or black for Halloween, pink for Valentines. Throw a couple of cute doodads on there and all your neighbors will be so jeal.

Nesting side tables.

If I shop for too long I revert back to my five year old inner child. I almost threw a fit over this ghost blow-mold.

 I want all of these flamingos.
These I actually thought were kind of chic in a "Miami hotel- art-deco" kind of way. They were very heavy and came up to my waist in height.

I thought of my sister when I saw this table. She loves that Restoration Hardware meets steam-punk meets vintage look, and this table totally encapsulates that.

Garden stools.

I looooooved these mercury bottles. They are way bigger in person.

 These sort of reminded me of apothecary glassware which I am totes into right now, especially several of them arranged of shelves or a dining table.

Garden party anyone?

Lamp love $40

 Lamp shades galore.

Large chess pieces.

I mean random right? This car is so awesome.

 Flamingo watering can. OBSESSED.

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