Eye Candy Friday for All My Peeps Out There

Pin It I just got back from the furniture market in Highpoint and I had such an amazing time. I saw the most electrifying color palettes and the coolest pieces of furniture. If you've never fallen in love with an inanimate object, you will at market. Swollen feet from walking over ten hours for four days in heels (yes because I can't help myself) and a full camera later, I have lots of photos to share with you. However, I am not done going through them all so I will save the crème de la crème for next week.

I do have some eye candy to keep you feeling good on this wonderful day. Hallelujah it's Friday and it's almost 5pm!

Vogue Tabitha Simmons

Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise 
holy hunk!


Bridget Bardot

I love me some champagne

Fiddle Sticks and Funny Girls


James Dean

Christian Bale

Chanel my love

Oh George


Sex and the City closet

Paul Newman

Estee Lauder House and Garden

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  1. Hello Christine Rosario,
    all of your biggest fans are patiently awaiting your next post. We need inspiration! <3