A Few of My Current Projects

Pin It I have a file on my desktop labeled; "Creative Projects Folder." In this I put pictures of things I like, notes, color schemes, business cards, web addresses, etc. Basically like Pin boards on Pinterest except for my eyes only. Half the stuff in there no one would understand why it was saved. For example, I will save an image of Justin Bieber because I like the shade of purple he is wearing. I keep this same file system on my phone. I take pictures of things that I have found at stores, or fabrics that maybe didn't work for my current project, but worth noting for future ones.

Here are some of my latest ideas and projects.

So I got this dresser and I LOVE the shape of it. I chose to do a high gloss yellow lacquer paint on it. Plain brown or plain black just didn't suit this remarkable atomic ranch looking piece. I am currently in the middle of changing the color scheme of my bedroom so it was a no brainer to go for something this bold. I shined up the original hardware rather than buying new. The colors in the small Picasso hanging above the dresser shown here were my inspiration.

Here is a better view of the Painting

I used Rust-Oleum because of the high gloss and because it's indestructible once it's dry. Seriously no chipping and I barely did any prep work, just a light sand. The only downside is the smell being very strong so open a window.

Here is my next project. The loveseat is about four feet wide and in this picture the fabric looks pretty good. In reality it is in pretty bad shape so the plan is to reupholster it...myself. 

 I'm diggin the geometric pattern but something in me keeps saying I should take advantage of it being a smaller piece and do something like a floral. I'll keep you posted on what I decide.

These chairs were $5 for the pair. The square shape of the metal wiring and the fact they had arms was very enticing to me. They are kind of reminiscent of  the  famous Bertioa chair. The paint looked horrible so I spray painted them in an outdoor metal spray paint, high gloss of course. My plan is to do a dipped paint look on the legs that I saw in a magazine.

The Bertioa chair
 Dipped paint look.

 I want to do a two color dip like this except I am going with orange and gold.

I also have this crazy dress I found in a California thrift store. Once I get up the guts to cut it, I will hem it a little shorter and trim up the sleeves. If I am feeling fancy I will make a belt with the scraps.

That's my sis in the background.

I stumbled on this fabric at JoAnn's and would you believe it was on sale. I thought how cute this would make for a bed skirt or some shams for a little girls room.
 I hope one of you go out and buy this because it's adorable and honestly if I bring home any more fabric I might be considered a hoarder.

Ok there you have it, the contents of my current creative projects folder spilled out of my head and on to virtual space.

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