I Welcome Brass With Open Arms

Pin It I cannot tell you how excited and obsessed I am with brass coming back in style. It's gotten a bad wrap for awhile now. The older homes in North Carolina (where I hang my hat) typically have the cheap brass door knobs and light fixtures and most homeowners have finally ripped it all out and replaced it. So you can imagine how difficult it is for me to sell the idea of brass to clients. Brass is luxurious and rich and if its done right can make for an inviting space because of it's warmth.  Using an old material in a new way is a one way train to awesomeness. I wouldn't tell you to put all your old brass doorknobs back, but I would tell you to incorporate brass in a new way.


  1. Love, love, love this post. I have some brass/gold-colored stuff in my house and I adore it. Wanted to put more in a couple of places and they just flat didn't stock it at regular hardware stores! That shiny gold just lifts you up like a ray of sunshine - it's like jewelry. I have it in a bathroom that's got grey walls and white tile, and the brass is what makes the bathroom sing. Brushed nickle would just be depressing in there.

  2. Yes! I think using brass in the bathroom with grey walls is a perfect match. I would love to see pictures!