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Thought I would show you fine folks what I plan on working on today.

I was talking to this chick last night about ways you can spruce up an apartment without painting and having to worry about painting it back when you move out. Then I remembered a tutorial I saw on adding wrapping paper to a wall to look like wallpaper. Here this lady added it to a closet turned office, very clever Mr. Bond.

All you need is some spray adhesive, a razor blade for easy cutting, and some really bangin wrapping paper to pull this off. (I also think a double sided tape would work well too.)

Note: Spray the back of the wrapping paper outside and then bring it in and stick it to the wall so you don't get too high. The spray adhesive gives you about a minute of play before it starts to get a little less tacky, in my experience. (I used the stuff on another, smaller project.)

Another Note: Make sure you get a really thick good quality wrapping paper so it doesn't tear easily when you are installing it. There are only so many curse words, don't make today the day you say them all.

Home Goods is a good place to look for wrapping paper that doesn't have Christmas trees on it...unless you are into that kind of thing...I'm not judging.

I also found this tutorial on adding fabric to the walls with spray starch on Apartment Therapy...hmm..

Note: Make sure your wall is a light color or white before you add the fabric so that you don't see the wall color behind it.

Here on Lonny you can see someone used marble paper...genius. They got some sick paper at Paper Mojo but almost every craft store has it too.

I don't think I would even care if this was permanent.

So I am going to try one of these today on a small wall in my kitchen. I'm curious to see how easy it can be removed after the fact. I have a client right now in a rental that this would be perfect for.
I will let you know.

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