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I posted a picture to my facebook page of a bookshelf I made out of wine crates and got a great response. So, I figured I would show you a few pics of some other internet peeps building their own versions.

Here this one was made out of an old Ikea table, wine crates as well as other wooden boxes, and some black clips. It looks like they might have had to bolt some of the boxes to the wall because it seems like it could get a little tippy.
Such a cute look for a kids room though.

The Village Cork restaurant in Denver, CO used wine crates as shelves behind their bar to save money. Too cool.
Some of these boxes though are put together with staples so if you are going to stack plates in them like they did in this pic I would recommend putting some "L" brackets in the corners. You wouldn't want to wake up in the middle of the night to the crashing sound of plates because you crate fell apart under the weight.

This one looks the most like mine except they didn't put any feet on the bottom of theirs. I think the feet makes the piece seem a bit more finished like a legitimate piece of furniture rather than stacked on top of each other. They found their crates at a liquor store but I bet a Total Wine or a recycling center has tons of them. 

A desk and a whole wall done in them, again no feet.

It's like a noncommittal way of getting the industrial look because it costs at the most $50 if you have to buy the crates, and more often than not you can find them for free. 

On Design Sponge this lady white washed all her crates for a more modern look and stacked them up a corner. You can tell she used strips of wood as braces to add stability to the crates but I think if she had bolted them to the wall instead it would have been a cleaner look.

Here's mine, I screwed all my crates together so it was a stand alone piece of furniture and built it to fit perfectly under my kitchen counter overhang.

 Those of you that know my house will notice that I recovered my chairs over the weekend in a Brunschwig & Fils fabric that I could not believe was on SALE! I was thinking of doing separate tie down cushions in the same fabric but different color, to go on the seats.
I used some skateboard wheels as feet because I had them laying around. You can purchase industrial caster wheels at the hardware store or you can get them here. They also sell them at the Container Store.