Crushi'n on Gingham and Plaid

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 With all the busy pattern in this room I think it was smart to go with a lucite coffee table, it made the room seem more open.

This room is so insane I can't tell if I like it or not.

 I really like the way the fabrics puddle and drape, makes them seem so luxurious.

On a side note, check out that fireplace in the corner.

Now all I want to do is cover everything in these pillows. I was also thinking of this mismatch gingham/plaid look for my Easter table setting, sort of fun and fresh.

Awesome wallpaper that Hello Kitty?

On a side note: In reference to my DIY FRI post last Friday, I have been all over the place looking for a wrapping paper that doesn't have "Happy Birthday" on it. Do not fear, if it exists I will find it! Sigh....any suggestions are appreciated. Maybe the Container Store? I haven't tried there yet.

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