Bathroom Swagg

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This wallpaper is so freakin adorable.

 What I like about this picture: you don't always need a giant mirror in a bathroom for it to be a functional and appealing space. Especially when the bathroom is on the smaller side.

I am entirely too disorganized to pull off cabinets in the bathroom that you can see through.
 Overlays is a  online company where you can purchase pre-cut panels made by your specifications. The panels are designed to fit over existing cabinet doors. I would imagine they could probably make something similar to this picture.

Peaceful isn't it?

 The asymmetric vanity was a nice way to add interest to this bathroom, besides that GORGEOUS mirror.

 I love the slate hex on the floor.

A little stark for me but I like the tile floor.

This is probably my favorite bathroom in the whole post. What I love is the casual vibe, using just a shower curtain rather than a glass door, the curbless shower, and the tile.


And here we have the coolest vanity ever.

 I know, it's a lot of bathrooms with wallpaper but, they are just so dang cool. Notice how the mirror is not over the vanity in this one. 

 His and her mirrors.

 Anyone know who makes this wallpaper?

Brass baseboards, like or dislike? That pedestal sink looks like it weighs a thousand pounds.

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