Apartment Envy 1950s Collector

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I found this on Apartment Therapy, located in Brooklyn, New York.

I have decided I want to meet this person and befriend them, with an apartment like this, they got to be crazy cool.

 There are so many layers in here.

They did a really good job of keeping everything unified. The color scheme is so interesting considering how small the apartment is. 

 Those lamps on the floating credenza are killer.

 Another ridiculously amazing lamp, please tell me that is a unicorn.

I get the impression the owner is a symmetrical person. There are lots of pairs in these photos, especially with the art. You can read the full Bio here.


 Dining room converted to bar.

What do you guys think? This person is a definite collector. Too busy? Or too cool?


  1. Very cool! What an awesome apartment. It's amazing how much awesome stuff they have. The whole place is like one continuous work of art. I see a lot of similarities with your place :)

  2. I agree, Angelica. I think parts are too much for me in the kitchen of this place, but totally love the use of space! And the colors are insane. I like how every room has its own theme!